Humidity control in greenhouse with fog

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Customer Testimonial: Walters Gardens Inc

Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E” to control humidity in a perennial farm

Interviewees: Drew Koschmann, Head grower and Justin Dyk, Maintenance Supervisor

It started as a small perennial farm established by Dennis and Harriet Walters in Zeeland, Michigan, United States in 1946.

Today, Walters Gardens, Inc. has grown to be one of the nation’s largest wholesale perennial growers with a reputation for superior quality, excellent service, and cutting-edge new varieties.

Their mission is to provide the best high quality products to their customers across the US and Canada.

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Customer’s request: To maintain the humidity level all-year round

As they were facing challenges with other systems like high pressure fogging systems, Drew and Justin compared the best humidification systems available on the market.

Two mains issues were noticeable with the other systems:

  1. More complicated installation requirements with high pressure fogging systems, which means more manpower and equipment are needed, and therefore increases the cost.
  2. Uneven development of the plants within the same area, due in part to uneven moisture at the plant level. Because of uneven fog sprayed, some trays had obvious spots of moisture, making the plants with more water grow faster.


Product used for this application

After the introduction of the Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E”, 60 units were installed in a greenhouse of about 6,038.7 m².

The installation went great and was very simple. They just needed to connect air and water to each unit and the system was up and running. This was a much easier process to install than other nozzle systems.

A fog system that actually controls humidity

As soon as the system was installed and running, they could see the AKIMist® was different from other fogging systems.

The AKIMist® system is the first system they’ve noticed that actually controls the humidity.




“I remember coming in, first thing in the morning, just seeing.
You could tell as you walked in the ranges that humidity was
definitely higher. And able to maintain that too.” (Drew)

Greenhouse with AKImist humidification


  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Control of the humidity level indoor
  • Cooling effect
  • Uniform product development

The main difference they noticed in maintenance between our system and previous systems used were:

  1. No need for pump units
  2. No need to shut the entire system off to work on it for the maintenance. While working on one unit to clean the nozzles, the rest of the system can continue to spray.



“It works really nice.” (Justin)

As the humidity control is achieved with the AKIMist®, a secondary benefit is noticed: the cooling effect. During summer time when the conditions are dry outside, the ventilation system of the greenhouses are often utilized. And having a fog system creates a slightly cooler environment inside the greenhouse.

Thanks to the uniformed fog sprayed from the AKIMist®, it helped Walters Gardens to provide the best plants to their customers. The quality of the plants improved, they look healthy. And having a more uniform fog allowed them to produce plants more uniform in size and in development.

Product Details

A non-wetting Fog for indoor humidification:

Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®”E”

The AKIMist®“E” produces ultra-fine “ Dry Fog” for humidity control in various industrial applications. We call our Dry Fog “non-wetting fog” because it only contains really small droplets. The tiny droplets (7.5 microns on average) evaporate before reaching any surface. Therefore, it can achieve humidification in an area without the risk of wetting. The AKIMist®“E” can spray the Dry Fog over 4 meters from each nozzle and can cover a wide area with a single unit.

AKIMist®“E” with adaptors can control the direction of the spray depending on the installation


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