Food and Beverage

Moisturizing and humidification


In the f&b industry, moisturizing and humidification are relevant aspects for the quality of raw products or end products, and for the health and safety of employees. The presence of moisture can lead to the occurrence of mold or bacteria, and their further spread. If not tackled from an early point and let to reach the climax, moisture can turn into condensation. On the other hand, too little moisture can also affect the products in the manufacturing process.

Thus, managing the moisture assists with the maintenance of food freshness. Controlling the moisture can be realized by adjusting it to an optimal level through proper humidification.

Adjusting and managing the moisture provides various benefits to the food and beverage production cycles, such as:

  • Quality control;
  • Management process control;
  • Waste efficiency;
  • Energy efficiency.

However, moisture can be adjusted only when the level of humidity and temperature are controlled.


What is the role of relative humidity in the process of food and beverage?

With the optimal level of humidity, raw products and end products have a higher life span. By prolonging the lifespan, these products also maintain a higher standard and degree of quality. In the end their shelf life is prolonged.

Moreover, having the optimal percentage of relative humidity (RH%) aids into ensuring that the risk of contamination is reduced. When there’s a buildup condensation and moisture, there’s a risk of health hazard.


What are the benefits of installing the proper humidification system?

 Implementing HVAC systems and fans, or utilizing manual drying to eliminate moisture, condensation, or regulate the level of humidity, is tedious, expensive, and ineffective. If this process is not resolved, it affects not only your food and beverage products, but also your employees and in the end, your customers.

Automating this process, with the optimal humidification system, can remove all these setbacks and ensure that the production processes are operating smoothly. Besides, it can provide more benefits, such as:

  • Increase productivity;
  • Ensuring that there is a proper level of relative humidity through fog;
  • Prolong the life-span of raw and end products;
  • Assists in maintaining the packaging structure intact;
  • Aids into enhancing the employees’ well-being;
  • The cleaning and drying time are minimized;
  • Eliminating the risk of bacteria growth and spread;
  • Decrease the spoilage of food and beverage products;
  • The Dry Fog will not wet the working environment, the products, or the employees;
  • Decreasing the operating costs by saving energy.


Moisturizing and humidification spraying solutions

Depending on the type of application, IKEUCHI can provide you with the necessary fogging nozzles and fogging systems as an industrial solution:

  • Moisture control for the pastry and bakery texture after oven baking through fine fog;
  • Controlling humidity in fermentation rooms with the support of Dry Fog;
  • Providing moisture for the label gluing process through fine fog;
  • Preventing electrostatic discharges and statistic electricity from occurring around packaging machines through Dry Fog implementation;


IKEUCHI’s fogging systems and nozzles for moisturizing and humidification

BIM-V Series



BIM-V series


AKIMist "E" Dry Fog Humidifier



Dry Fog Humidifier

AKIMist “E”