Iron and Steel making

Plate mill & Rolling mill production




Below are some of the applications we support with our spray nozzles for the production of plate mills and rolling mills.



We have spray nozzles for:

  • Plate mill & Hot rolling mill
    • Descaling
    • Flue gas cooling
    • Refractory cooling
    • Roll cooling
    • Fume suppression
    • Steel cooling
  • Cold rolling mill
    • Washing, rinsing
    • Blowing off liquid
    • Cleaning rolling mills
    • Lubricant coating
    • Degreasing
    • Pickling

Focused solutions

  • For descaling: Descaling nozzle ultra-high pressure

DSP series

  • For roll cooling: Standard flat spray nozzle

VVP series



  • Newest innovation self-cleaning nozzle header for:
    • Annealing
    • Pickling
    • Rinsing





  • Descaling application:
    • Unique inside design of the TDSS series (patented)
    • Spray pattern doesn’t change through out time
    • Longer life time
    • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs of nozzles
    • Increases descaling performance by reducing the angle of installation
    • Thinner spray flow with a stronger, deeper and sharper impact
    • Even impact in a multiple-nozzle layout without loosing the strength of the impact at the edge thanks to a specific spray distribution



  • BRASIKan® benefits:
    • Self-cleaning nozzle header with inner brushes built-in for nozzle cleaning (when clogging issue)
    • Less down time, maintenance time-and cost as the inner brushes clean the nozzle orifice by just turning a hand wheel on the edge of the header
    • Available in the manual brush-cleaning type and air-driven automatic type
    • Eliminates resin roll galling
    • Reduces re-winding and accompanying costs
    • More reliable and consistent operations for a better productivity
    • Reduces product quality defects
    • Improve product quality with a steady spray on products (reduced scale entanglement damage, more consistent cooling, and prevention of plate contamination)

[NEW] Auto-BRASIKan [NEW] 

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