December 10, 2019

Quality is very important when you chose nozzles and humidifiers

Nozzle diversity

The quality of products is the main focus of every factory.

Every industry tries to find ways to be more efficient in their processes to reach a good quality of its products, and several methods can be used to reach this outcome. You can implement new strategies such as developing new technologies in your process. You also can decide to cut prices on your material and devices, or you can try to be more sustainable and cost-efficient.


Being cost-efficient is often the best technique to reduce long term costs, and we are going to see how IKEUCHI can participate in that.

Why quality nozzles are essential

Cheap nozzles can look appealing in the first place because it is a small component that needs to be replaced often, especially in some environment such as spraying acid chemicals, dusty environments, agriculture, etc.

However, the returning cost of buying nozzles regularly, because of their lousy quality, makes it a risky decision, especially in the long run. They also have higher chances of being damaged during maintenance.


Quality nozle

When you use nozzles frequently in your industry, the efficiency of your application depends firstly on the choice of the nozzle. If you picked the correct nozzle, it will both have outstanding results and lower your costs of prime material (compressed air, purified water, sprayed chemicals, etc.).

Indeed, our engineers will find the most suitable nozzle for you. The one that minimizes your liquid and air consumption, which can lead to the improvement of your production process. Moreover, IKEUCHI’s nozzles are the only guaranteed on spray angle and spray capacity and will meet the exact spray capacity that you require.

If a nozzle is damaged or stop working correctly during production, you are not likely to spot it directly. This delay in detection could harm the whole production.

As we have seen in this article, lousy quality nozzles can end up having bad results very quickly. The bad results can come from defects or damages occurring fast after utilization. Getting high-quality nozzles for your factory is the best way to get rid of all the potential issues and focus on production.

Efficiency for humidification

Humidification systems are useful in various ways :

  • Dust control in factories: in factories, dust can often get in the way of production (painting, small pieces, coating, soldering, etc.). However, a humidification system such as the AKIMist®“E” can solve this problem.
  • Electrostatic discharge: when you work with electronic devices or produce them, the risk of building up static discharge is high, and the temperature rises. The problem is it can create sparkles that will damage your products, could start disastrous fires, and injure your employees. Humidifiers prevent ESD from happening, as seen in this article.
  • It is also proven that having the proper amount of humidity will lead to: less defect, less low-quality products, and fewer adhesion issues.


Moreover, a humidification system will automatically cool the room. This allows substantial savings in HVAC and energy expenses and reduces the health-related risks for your employees.

Humidification systems such as the AirAKI® are essential to many industries and could be a solution to the problems you are facing. Contact our engineering team to find out what IKEUCHI can do for you.

Quality humidifier

Financial savings of high-quality nozzles and humidifiers

Higher quality nozzles and humification systems can look expensive when you first look at it, but the return on investment is high. Not only it will suit your application better, but they are less likely to defect or being altered. This greatly increases the efficiency of the task they are needed for. The savings made from long-running operations, their higher lifespan, and the low consumption of materials make them the best option if you are looking for long term benefits

The long-run benefits of picking quality nozzles : 

  • longer lifespan and efficiency, leading to savings in replacement nozzles;
  • lower water and chemical expenses;
  • more efficient compressed air consumption;
  • better results for your production processes;
  • guaranteed spray angle and capacity.

The long-run benefits of picking quality humidification system :

  • low maintenance, high efficiency;
  • perfect control of the humidity level and the temperature in a room;
  • substantial savings in HVAC;
  • lowered rate of defects and damaged items during production;
  • dust-control;
  • reduced risk for employees to become sick from dryness conditions.

If you are interested in choosing the path of quality for your industry, you should contact our team. IKEUCHI has 65 years of experience in nozzle production and will bring all its expertise to find the best solution for your factory.