Hydraulic / Pneumatic (Dual-use) Thick flat spray

DDRP+AS series

DDRP+AS series

Thread standard


Pipe conn. size

Rc 1/4"

Standard pressure

0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar)

Spray angle

90 - 115°

Spray capacity

19 - 24.7 ℓ/min

Supply air type

Compressed air

Liquid feeding system

Liquid pressure

Mean droplet diameter

430 - 488 μm

Air consumption


Air pressure

0.1 MPa (ca. 1 bar)

Free passage diameter

2.9 - 3.4 mm(*1)


The DDRP+AS series nozzles’ features:

  • Dual-use thick flat spray fog nozzle with uniform distribution used as a hydraulic spray nozzle and a pneumatic spray nozzle.
  • Can be used as a hydraulic nozzle for medium/high flow rates and as a pneumatic nozzle for low flow rates.
    (Also available as a pneumatic spray nozzle for medium/high flow rates.)
  • Large turn-down ratio of 1:20.
  • Suitable for processes which require minimal variation in spray distribution and spray angle.
  • Even thick flat spray with a 60° angle yields a highly effective spray pattern for surface cooling.

*1) Free passage diameter of nozzle orifice.


The DDRP+AS series nozzles have multiple applications:

[Steel making industry]

  • Steel making process: Cooling continuous casted steel (bloom, slab short side, billet), cooling roll of casting machine
  • Rolling mill process: Cooling steel plate on continuous annealing line, roll in heat treatment, and magnetic steel

Industries and Applications in which this nozzle is used

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