The Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®“E” in the lens industry

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial : Hoya Lens Manufacturing Hungary Private CO.


Hoya Lens Manufacturing Hungary Private CO. is an affiliate company of Hoya Vision Care Europe. It develops products in the fields of eye care (lens industry) with mineral lenses and plastic tinted lenses and is the biggest supplier of mineral prescription (RX) lenses of Hoya Vision Care Europe. Hoya then exports their lenses all over the world.

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Why did Hoya contact IKEUCHI?

  • Inefficient existing humidification system
  • Unstable Relative Humidity levels
  • Unstable temperature
  • Dust related defects
  • Decreased productivity
  • Increased maintenance

In many industries like the lens industry, dust particles related defects are a significant lost in time and cost (repairs). Therefore, alternative solution are often implemented to solve that issue.

Mr. Kosa, the general manager of the Hoya Hungary facility, contacted IKEUCHI because he was looking for a high-performance humidification system. The facility was already equipped with another system, but the results were not satisfying to Hoya Lens Manufacturing (See the resulting graph at the end).

Our engineers quickly found the appropriate solution. They advised him to set up the Dry Fog humidifier AKIMist®“E” in all three zones of the facility where humidity control and dust suppression were needed.

System used for this application

AKIMist® “E”

Our AKIMist®“E” spreads a Dry Fog that humidifies indoor environments without wetting. It represented the perfect solution for a factory that can’t afford to have puddles or droplets on its devices.

Installation of the system

According to Mr. Kosa, the AKIMist®“E” Dry Fog humidification system was “easy to build” and “minimally interfered with production during deployment”. It did not take long and did not disturb the facility in any way. 

Results of the AKIMist®“E”

The AKIMist®“E” system allowed a significant improvement of quality. Indeed, it managed to reduce the dust-related defects by 30% which exceeds the expectations.

As you can see, the temperature and relative humidity levels were low and volatile, but it changed as soon as the AKIMist®“E” was operating. The three zones reached a level of 45-50% relative humidity, which solves all dryness-related issues. It also achieved to reduce the temperature by 3 degrees which allowed substantial energy savings.


  • Low-cost dust suppression solution
  • Substantial reduction in dust-related defects
  • Avoid dust related defects
  • 3 degrees decrease in temperature
  • Tangible energy savings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improve the working environment