March 10, 2020

What is dry fog?

AKIMist dry fog spray

Dry Fog introduction

Dry fog can be determined as water droplets of 10 micron or less. These droplets are non-wetting as they are so ultra-fine that they will bounce back without bursting on any surface. This makes it look more like smoke than fog.

What can dry fog be used for?

Dry fog is beneficial for a number of purposes:

  •  Humidification
  •  Disinfection and sterilization 
  •  Dust suppression
  •  Moisture control
  •  Static electricity prevention
  •  Curing

In which industries is dry fog used?

  • Horticulture
  • Food and beverage
  • Breweries and wine cellars
  • Electronics and semiconductor
  • Food and beverage
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Automotive
  • Textile

Atomization principle

The atomization principle is a powerful process that combines compressed air and ultrasonic waves to create tiny droplets. Through this innovative technique, the two streams of liquid collide with each other then adjust, breaking up into minuscule particles for increased efficiency all due to the shearing action from ejected air at nozzle orifice and an accompanying frequency wave ranging from 3.3 Hz – 40,000Hz.






Why doesn’t the surface get wet ?

The reason that the ultra small water droplets do not wet anything, is because they bounce back from the surface they touch. As the surface tension is high, compared to a bigger water drop, it will not burst and wet the environment. This is convenient in a production setting where you want to eliminate leakage risks into expensive precision machinery. From a hygiene point of view, you also prevent the risk of mold growth as all surfaces will stay dry.



AKIMist®“E” Dry Fog humidifier

AKIMist®“E” is the most efficient way to control humidity and create quality fog. It consumes minimal energy while delivering a variety of benefits, including prevention of static electricity, dust adhesion and suppression, disinfection and curing applications in industries ranging from agriculture to industrial manufacturing.


Advantages of AKIMist®E:

  • Controls humidity levels precisely without wetting
  • Energy saving air conditioning humidification system
  • Low maintenance and high efficiency
  • Perfect control of the humidity level and the temperature in a room
  • Substantial saving in HVAC
  • Lower rate of defects and damaged items during production
  • Dust-control and ESD control
  • Reduced risk for employees to become sick from dryness conditions and virus spread
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Application and Customer Testimonials

Dry Fog humidification has already been implemented in a number of cases. Read our applications and customers testimonials where our humidifier is used in different industries:

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