March 10, 2020

Dry Fog introduction

Dry Fog introduction

After explaining the importance of using a humidifier in the industrial sector, we will introduce you our flagship product, the Dry Fog Humidifier.

This is a compact but high-powered, energy-saving humidifier which creates quality fog with low air consumption. It can be used in many applications like humidification, moisture control, static electricity prevention, preventing dust adhesion, dust suppression, disinfection and also curing.

To have a better understanding of this article, we advise you to read these articles about the measurement of droplet size and which size of droplet is better depending on the application.

Some explanations

“Dry Fog” refers to the fog sprayed from the AKIJet®  Dry Fog nozzle. The fog doesn’t wet the surrounding when the droplets hit something, and it looks more like smoke than fog.

It sprays a maximum particle size of 50 μm or less and an average particle size of 10 μm or less.

Atomization principle

The atomized droplet stream collides with the other droplet stream due to the shearing action of the compressed air ejected from the nozzle orifice. Simultaneously with the shearing action, a complementary ultrasonic wave of 3.3 to 40,000 Hz is generated to further atomize and equalize the droplet.





Fine fog nozzle

Why doesn’t it get wet ?

Small bubbles/water droplets do not wet anything because they bounce back from the surface they touch. As it surface tension is high, compare to a bigger bubble/water droplet, it will not burst and wet the environment.

Dry Fog is a very fine fog with an average mean droplet diameter of 10 μm or less. Therefore, the fog sprayed from our AKIJet® nozzles will never burst and wet objects when spraying in a close room, above machine and operators.


Spray particle size of various humidifiers

It can be seen that Dry Fog does not contain coarse particles of 50 μm or more compared to other spray particle sizes.

AKIMist®“E” which is a Dry Fog humidifier

Our product, the AKIMist®“E”, can be used as a humidification solution:

  • Control precise humidity level without wetting
  • Double advantage, humidifying while cooling and it is saving
  • Energy saving air conditioning humidification system



Importance to choose high quality for Dry Fog humidifier

The long-run benefits of picking quality humidification system:

  • Low maintenance, high efficiency;
  • Perfect control of the humidity level and the temperature in a room;
  • Substantial saving in HVAC;
  • Lowered rate of defects and damaged items during production:
  • Dust-control;
  • Reduced risk for employees to become sick from dryness conditions

We talk about the importance to choose high quality Dry Fog humidifier in this two articles: quality is very important when you chose nozzles and humidifiers and be careful with copy products on the market!

Application and Customer Testimonial

At IKEUCHI, we look for the best usage of our Dry Fog humidifier for our customer. Here are applications and customers testimonials where our humidifier is used in different industries:

How can IKEUCHI help?

Humidification create a better work environment and increase your productivity.

IKEUCHI help you to choose the better humidifier for your production.

As “the Fog Engineers” we’ve studied the humidity in industry. Our none-wetting Dry Fog humidifier offers the adequate solution for sensitive working stations.


Contact one of our engineers to know more about our different humidifier system.