Mendizza is a family-owned company which was established in 1964 in Piemonte in Italy.  The company was originally named “Gottero” after the family, but when the co-owner Franca Mendizza passed away, it was named after her in her honor. The company started out as a production and repair service of textile accessories, and gradually started trading textile machinery and accessories internationally. Based on their experience in the textile industry, they gradually developed and added humidification to the portfolio in 1993.

Established only 10 years earlier (1954) Ikeuchi also has its roots in the textile industry. When Ikeuchi wanted to enter the European market in the beginning of the 90’s, they were looking for a strong and like-minded partnership. Mendizza was a good match and became Ikeuchi’s first distributor in Europe.



Mendizza and Ikeuchi

When Mendizza visited Ikeuchi in Japan in 2008



The first AKIMist® model with AKIJet was invented in 1980 and it was added to the product range of Mendizza’s humidification solutions. Since the Japanese devices were not applicable to the European market, Mendizza was able to provide the humidity controlling equipment and the RO purified water equipment, and still does so to this day.

Initially, AKIMist was used by Mendizza to improve the textile industry in Italy, but gradually, Mendizza also entered other markets such as the printing, paper, wine and other production industries.

Portable humidifier set

Jolly Fog 18 – Mendizza S.r.l.



In 2008, Ikeuchi established its own subsidiary in Europe in The Netherlands. The partnership with Mendizza had paved the way by testing the feasibility of AKIMist in the European market. Today, Ikeuchi and Mendizza still have a strong partnership and Mendizza remains an important ambassador for AKIMist in Italy and surrounding areas.



 Mendizza during a team building day, 2023