TCW Anlagenbau

TCW Anlagenbau is a company which is specialized in landscape water projects. The company was founded in Echzell in Germany in 1986 by Andreas Krietsch, who runs the company together with his wife.

Since the beginning, TCW Anlagenbau always uses Ikeuchi’s KB nozzles in their projects. TCW Anlagenbau uses the KB nozzles due to their good strainer and wear resistant orifice made from ceramics. Some projects also involve fog effects. In this case, TCW Anlagenbau utilizes a high pressure fog system involving a high pressure CAT pumps and a standard hydraulic system with stainless steel tubes and special hoses. These hoses can be cut down the exact length of your needs and become attached to the special hose connectors.


TCW Anlagenbau has carried out many interesting projects over the years all over the world. One of them was the King’s cross granary square fountains in London, which has become an extremely popular spot for tourists and locals. Kids can play and cool down during summer-time and in the evening, there is a show of colors among the water fountains to enjoy. This project involved the installation of 1080 spray nozzles which are all individually controlled and lit. You can read more about this project here


Photo by: mattbuck via Wikimedia Commons


Another interesting project involves a greenhouse in a botanical garden in Jena, Germany. TCW Anlagenbau had the task of creating a jungle-like environment for the palm trees. In order to create a jungle rain-effect, they installed 84 KB spray nozzles. You can read more about this project here


TCW Anlagenbau has also been involved in a number of art installation projects. One of these was “The Monheim Geysir”. The Monheim Geysir is an art installation where an artificially made geyser suddenly erupts when the weather condition fits. When it finally erupts, the whole world stops around it to take in the scenery. You can read more about this project here



Another art installation project was this mysterious bronze ring you can see below. It was created in 2016 and designed by the famous artist “Elliason”. It contains 36 KB 80031 nozzles in stainless steel in a diameter of 3,8 m. The bronze is positioned outside and runs regularly 2 times per hour. Whenever the wind changes direction, the bronze ring also releases a puff of fog into the garden. The project was created for an outdoor art-park close to Copenhagen (Ordrupgaard).



TCW Anlagenbau is currently working on new interesting projects in Rumania and Marocco, among other places. You can find TCW Anlagenbau here