Universal-joint type flat spray nozzle

UT+VP series

UT+VP series


The UT+VP series nozzles’ features:

  • Flat spray pattern with a mountain-shaped spray distribution having gradually tapered edges.
  • Spray direction is adjustable over a range of 40° as desired.
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Pipe conn. size

R 1/4"

Spray angle

50 - 80°

Mean droplet diameter

150 - 550 μm


Not included

Standard pressure

0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar)

Spray capacity

3.00 - 17.0 L/min

Air consumption


Free passage diameter

1.0 - 3.0 mm


The UT+VP series nozzles have multiple applications:

  • Cleaning: Automotive, containers, films, felts, filters, screens, bottles, crushed stones, earth and sand, metal parts, machines, steel plates and pieces
  • Spraying: Oils, lubricants, liquids, solutions, insecticides, herbicides

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