Two-direction spray large capacity hollow cone spray

TWAA series

TWAA series


The TWAA series nozzles’ features:

  • It is a two-direction (180° opposite direction) jet version.
  • Bidirectional hollow cone sprays.
  • It helps simplify the equipment or system because the number of nozzles can be reduced to one from two.
  • Made of highly wear-resistant SiC (silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide).
  • Lightweight as made in all SiC (less than half of metal nozzle).
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Pipe conn. size

2 - 4T(Flange size)

Spray angle

67 - 80°

Mean droplet diameter



Not included

Standard pressure

0.07 MPa (ca. 0.7 bar)

Spray capacity

200 - 1,200 L/min

Air consumption


Free passage diameter

28 - 68 mm


The TWAA series nozzles have multiple applications:

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