Ejector for solution agitation with a higher spray impact

EJX high flow rate type

EJX high flow rate type


The EJX high flow rate type nozzles’ features:

  • High flow rate EJX series, featuring 1.5 – 2 times higher spray impact (flow velocity) compared to the conventional EJX series.
  • Taking in surrounding liquid, EJX series solution agitation nozzle spouts out 3 – 4 times more volume than the amount supplied.
  • Simple structure and compact design suitable for multiple-nozzle arrangement.
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Pipe conn. size

R 1/4" - R 3/4"

Spray angle


Mean droplet diameter



Not included

Standard pressure

0.1 MPa (ca. 1 bar)

Spray capacity

18.8 - 206 L/min (Reference value)

Air consumption


Free passage diameter

2.8 - 9.1 mm


The EJX high flow rate type nozzles have multiple applications:

  • Solution agitation, preventing deposition, uniformizing concentration and pH
  • Cleaning in liquids
  • Submerged etching
  • Plating

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