DOVEA series


The DOVEA series nozzles’ features:

  • Liquid pressure type under the liquid pressures of 0.07 – 0.7 MPa (ca. 0.7 bar – 7 bar).
  • Large turn-down ratio with minimal variation in spray angle.
  • Uniform distribution suitable for multiple-nozzle arrangements.
  • Large free passage diameter minimizes clogging.
  • Standard spray angle of 55°, 70°, 95°, or 110°.
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Thread standard


Pipe conn. size

on request

Standard pressure


Spray angle

applicable on request

Spray capacity

on request

Supply air type

Compressed air

Liquid feeding system (recommended)

Liquid capacity

Air consumption (recommended)

5 times of largest water capacity

Air pressure

on request

Free passage diameter

2.0 mm or larger (exception existing)


The DOVEA series nozzles have multiple applications:

[Steel making industry]

  • Steel making process: Cooling continuous casted steel (slab, bloom, billet, beam blank, etc.)
  • Rolling mill process: Cooling roll in heat treatment

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