PSN series


The PSN series nozzles’ features:

  • Pneumatic slit-laminar nozzle with uniform spray distribution throughout the entire spray pattern area.
  • While multiple-nozzle alignment of conventional pneumatic spray nozzles leaves some spots unwashed, PSN nozzles provide uniform spray distribution and achieve a complete cleaning, leaving no spot unwashed. PSN can be used at a short distance.

*1) Measured at compressed air pressure of 0.1 – 0.4 MPa (ca . 1 bar – 4 bar) and liquid pressure of 0.1 – 0.4 MPa (ca . 1 bar – 4 bar) for PSN nozzle with slit length of 1000 mm and slit opening of 0.05 mm.

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Thread standard


Pipe conn. size

Rc 3/8"

Standard pressure


Spray angle


Spray capacity

8.0 - 28.0 L/min (*1)

Supply air type

Compressed air

Liquid feeding system

Liquid pressure

Mean droplet diameter


Air consumption

520 - 1,700 L/min, Normal (*1)

Air pressure


Free passage diameter



The PSN series nozzles have multiple applications:

  • Cleaning: Glass substrate, liquid crystal
  • Cooling: Steel plates, moldings
  • Moisture control: Paper, cardboard

[Steel making industry]

  • Surface finish process: Precision cleaning for steel surface treatment, Roll cleaning

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