Disinfect with fine fog at the entrance of public buildings

public area disinfection

SETOV Spray Unit disinfection at public buildings and offices

Following the COVID pandemic years, the acknowledgement and need for disinfection has increased globally. By keeping public spaces clean and disinfected, the risk of contracting illnesses is minimized. This is especially important in high-traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, airports, and transportation hubs where people gather and the potential for disease transmission is heightened. Regular disinfection can help reduce the spread of illnesses, leading to fewer sick days taken by employees, students, and other individuals who frequent public spaces.



Our ready-to-use solution

Most of facilities, buildings, and stores are not equipped with disinfection unit. Therefore, they need a quick and easy ready-to-use solution to disinfect efficiently. We have developed a portable ready-to-use disinfection unit, on wheel and with a tank of 20 L.




  • Immediate use with an air compressor
  • Clog-resistant nozzle for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable spray direction thanks to a ball-joint adaptor
  • Large capacity tank of 20 L



SETOV Spray Unit





disinfection of greenhouse

Direct benefits

  • Efficient targeted disinfection
  • Portable unit on wheel makes it handy
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • No manpower needed
  • Ready-to-use by connecting it to an air-compressor
  • Large capacity tank allows a continuous spraying time from 6 to 11 hours depending on the model


Successful Installation of the disinfection unit

In Japan, the Nishiwaki City Library reopened its doors during COVID times after installing the SETOV Spray Unit disinfection unit at the entrance. It activates when visitors pass, spraying for a few seconds. *

This automatic spraying device came as a complementary solution to wearing masks and offering hand sanitizer with alcohol in order to prevent viral infection from spreading. (Source: Kobe Shimbun NEXT)


*We do not provide the disinfectant liquid nor the mat with sensor in Europe. Please follow the guidelines of the disinfectant liquid provider to spray towards people.


SETOV Spray Unit disinfection

Results and Assessment

This solution was already installed end of March 2020, bringing peace-of-mind to visitors accessing public facilities during COVID. Thanks to its installation, the library and other public buildings could provide the safety needed to their customers.

Used as a public area disinfection unit, the SETOV Spray Unit got added to our line-up of units helping the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

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