Humidity and temperature control for Poultry house



Issues in windowless poultry house during warm weather

  • Increases rate of diseases (Avian flu)
  • Lower productivity (smaller eggs and less quantity)
  • Heat stress / fatigue
  • Loss of appetite

Solution: Air cooling systems for humidity and temperature control

Poultry farms need to control the level of temperature and humidity especially during summer time to avoid heat issues.

Our air cooling systems sprays fine fog without wetting the objects in the area. The spray capacity is controlled by utilizing a sensor for temperature and humidity according to the conditions of the outside air.  We adapt each installation depending on the ventilation style of the poultry farm.


Windowless poultry house

Example of Systems / Products used for this solution

Hydraulic nozzles:         KBN series                KB series



  • Better hygiene and reduced risk of diseases
  • Better comfort for the animals which increases the productivity (quantity and quality of eggs)
  • Less stress to the animals thanks to the cooling effect without wetting


KBN series hydraulic nozzle

Advantages of the solution

  • Easy to install inside and in existing farms
  • Easy to control and keep the most comfortable environment for animals


  • Cooling right above the animals, from along the ceiling
  • Other application: humidification, indoor cooling, outdoor cooling

humidity and temperature control

Poultry house

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