Pollution Control

WEP spray nozzles


Common issues in Wet electrostatic dust precipitator

  • Less cleaning efficiency
  • Clogging

Solution: Clog-resistant WEP Spray Nozzles

IKEUCHI manufactures wide angle nozzles with a bigger free pass diameter and offer a proposal with the right model suitable for your need and its alignment for an effective result.

Example of Systems / Products used for this solution

  • Cone Spray Nozzles without vanes

AJP series  Full cone spray/ Clog-resistant

AAP series  Hollow cone spray/ Medium capacity

  • Flat Spray Nozzles

YYP series  Wide-angle flat spray (Mountain-shaped spray distribution)

  • Tank cleaner

SR series  Low speed rotary cleaning nozzle



  • Guarantee of performance in spray capacity within +/- 5% and spray angle within +/- 5° under the standard pressure of 0.2MPa (ca. 2 bar)
  • Less maintenance


AJP series nozzle spraying


AAP series nozzle spraying

WEP spray nozzles

YYP series nozzle spraying

WEP spray nozzles

SR series tank cleaner

Advantages of our WEP spray nozzles

  • Minimal clogging
  • Stable spray pattern

Other applications for these nozzles

  • Cooling: Gas, air dangling units, roofs, machineries, foods, warm water, conveyor belts, roofs, tanks
  • Cleaning: Gas, air, machines, pre-painting treatment, washing booths, incinerator fumes, conveyor belts, film, eliminator plates, plate glass, planks
  • Spraying: Aeration, humidification, foam breaking
  • Water screen: Fire protection, heat protection, deodorization

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