March 17, 2020

Benefits of a Dry Fog

The benefits of a Dry Fog Humidifier

Last week, we introduced to you the principal behind our flagship product, the Dry Fog Humidifier. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits that a Humidifier System provides.

Our systems, such as the AirAKI®, are automated versions of humidifiers. Equipped with monitoring panel control, they allow total control over your humidity levels and let you decide and monitor the humidification of your rooms.

Find all information about our humidifier system in this article.

The AirAKI® system   

AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification systems are used in various factories such as:

  • electronics;
  • printing, paper & pulp;
  • plastic;
  • chemical plants;
  • automotive;
  • textile;
  • agriculture;
  • painting.

By introducing an innovative system, factory managers have recognized that it is important:

  • to improve the production equipment and the skills of the producers;
  • to improve the working environment in order to produce high-precision products at a high yield rate.

How does the AirAKI® system help with that?

The different benefits

Countermeasures against static electricity

Until now, air cleanliness technology and temperature control technology have been very developed. But there has been no definitive countermeasures against static electricity.
With the advent of the AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification system developed by our company, it has become possible to secure the desired humidity and control precisely without getting wet. 

We have already covered this benefit in few articles. You will be able to find the link of articles at the bottom of the page.


The achievements and effects of this system are recognized.
The static eliminator, which has been the main method of removing static electricity, is beginning to be reviewed.
Moreover,  the idea of ​​humidifying and preventing the generation of static electricity is changing. 



The AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification system secures a predetermined humidity inside the factory. It precisely controls and corrects. Static eliminators are being provided.
These achievements were awarded the Progress Award by the Japan Electrostatic Society for the development of antistatic systems.

The following are representative examples of the effects of introducing the AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification system, and the benefits of a Dry Fog:

Eliminates electrostatic problems

Eliminates problems caused by static electricity, and helps to improve the operation rate, non-defective product rate, and product quality.

Controls humidity in large spaces

The precise design and the flying power of the Dry Fog control the humidity of the large space almost uniformly and consistently.

High energy saving effect

Cooling load is reduced by cooling effect of about 2 ℃. In addition, it shows a significant energy saving effect compared to the conventional steam humidification method.

Winter health management

A customer who adopted the AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification system said: “Thanks to this, employees are no longer absent due to the winter breeze. ”
By keeping the humidity above 50%, the virus that causes wind and flu is dramatically reduced, creating a comfortable working environment.


In addition, we raise moisture retention of body and keep sensible temperature constant. As a result, even if the room temperature is 20 ° C, you can feel the warmth of about 25 ° C, so there is a great energy saving effect here as well.

Here’s an complementary article about the health benefits of the right humidity level for indoor environments, where you can find more information.

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How can IKEUCHI help?

Benefits for a Dry Fog are multiple. As said before, humidification create a better work environment and increase your productivity.

IKEUCHI help you to choose the better humidifier for your production.

As “the Fog Engineers” we’ve studied the humidity in industry. Our none-wetting Dry Fog humidifier offers the adequate solution for sensitive working stations.


Contact one of our engineers to know more about our different humidifier system.