March 17, 2020

Benefits of a Dry Fog

The benefits of a dry fog humidifier

Dry fog can be determined as water droplets of 10 micron or less. These ultra-fine water droplets do not wet the surrounding when the droplets hit something, which make it look more like smoke than fog.

Our systems, such as the AKIMist® “E”, are automated versions of humidifiers. Equipped with a monitoring panel, they allow total control over your humidity levels. This has several benefits for your production and for employees.


AKIMist® Dry Fog humidification systems are used in various factories such as:

  • electronics;
  • printing, paper & pulp;
  • plastic;
  • chemical plants;
  • automotive;
  • textile;
  • agriculture;
  • painting.

The different benefits

Countermeasures against static electricity

Over the years, there have been several advances within air cleanliness technology and temperature control technology. However,  there has been no definitive countermeasures against static electricity.
With the introduction of the AKIMist® Dry Fog humidification system, it has become possible to control the desired humidity, without wetting any surfaces or machinery. 


The following are representative examples of the effects of introducing the AKIMist® Dry Fog humidification system, and the benefits of Dry Fog:

Dry fog eliminates static charge

Eliminates electrostatic problems

Eliminates problems caused by static electricity, and helps to improve the operation rate, non-defective product rate, and product quality.

Controls humidity in large spaces

The compact design and smart technology of the AirAKI® system,  controls the humidity of the large space uniformly and consistently.

Dry fog benefits

High energy saving effect

Cooling load is reduced by cooling effect of about 2 ℃. In addition, it shows a significant energy saving effect compared to the conventional steam humidification method.

Winter health management

A customer who adopted the AirAKI® Dry Fog humidification system said: “Thanks to this, employees are no longer absent due to the winter breeze. ”
By keeping the humidity above 50%, the virus that causes wind and flu is dramatically reduced, creating a comfortable working environment.


In addition, we raise moisture retention of body and keep sensible temperature constant. As a result, even if the room temperature is 20 ° C, you can feel the warmth of about 25 ° C, so there is a great energy saving effect here as well.

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How can IKEUCHI help?

The benefits of Dry Fog are multiple. As said before, humidification create a better work environment and increase your productivity.

IKEUCHI helps you to choose the better humidifier for your production.



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