January 14, 2020

What is comfortable air?


The awareness around a healthy and comfortable indoor climate is increasing. In this article we will look into what defines “comfortable air” and how we can accomplice it.

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December 19, 2019

Nozzles diversity

Nozzles diveristy

The diversity between Nozzles is very wide because each nozzle is designed for a specific purpose. One could think that nozzles are interchangeable and that they could be efficient in any situation, but nothing would be more wrong. Let’s dive into nozzles diversity and why you should never use a...

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The quality of products is the main focus of every factory Every industry tries to find ways to be more efficient in their processes in order to reach the highest quality of its products.  There are several methods which can be used to reach this outcome. One can implement new...

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spraying nozzles vs. damaged nozzles

Nozzles are essential to many industries because they allow very precise and powerful work to be cost-efficient. However, damaged nozzles can slow down your activity without you even knowing it. We will see today how nozzles can be damaged and how important it is to take care of nozzles and...

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Purified water

Even though water is a common element we all know about, there are different type of water available for different usage: natural water, regular tap water, bottled water, drinkable water, industrial water, distilled water, and steam-condensed, purified water. When using industrial water, the degree of impurity in the water is...

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How can you calculate the required amount of humidification for your factory? The amount of humidifiers needed in a factory is affected by factors such as temperature, ventilation rate and desired humidity level.      

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When we talk about humidity control, we always do it through the eye of productivity. But the humidity – or dryness – of the air we breathe has a significant impact on different health factors. Could humidity control, and its various applications, have a say in tomorrow’s measures to improve...

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ceramic nozzle

What are the advantages of ceramic nozzles? Ceramic materials surround us in our everyday life. We mainly know ceramic as used in pottery or glass. However, ceramic is also an excellent material for spray nozzles due to its mechanical properties. IKEUCHI produces full ceramic nozzles and ceramic nozzle tips from...

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In this era of ecological awareness, it is sometimes a challenge to find measures that both fit environmental and economic requirements. In any industry, finding a way to resolve defects and energy consumption at the same time is the ideal opportunity. The electronic industry has a very detail-oriented production process:...

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