High-quality nozzles for the Pre-treatment line



Issues faced with cheap production nozzle during the pre-treatment process: washing stations and Immersion baths nozzles

  • Clogged nozzles
  • Maintenance = downtime
  • Water wastage
  • High cost DI water
  • Car body defects

Solution: High-quality nozzles with guarantee of performance

Our R&D department developed spraying systems that solved recurrent problems such as clogged nozzles resulting in frequent and often dangerous maintenance. In addition to an anti-clogging design, we can control water wastage, to save on the high cost of demineralized water.

Specific features of our spray nozzles, such as improved spray impact, angles and droplet size, will improve the washing performance, reducing the defect rate.

high-quality nozzles

QB series nozzles

Example of Systems / Products used for this solution

Some of our high-quality nozzles:

INVV series    QB series   Water / cleaning flat spray nozzles for degreasing and washing

MOMOJet® series    Self-cleaning flat spray nozzle

VVEA series    Pneumatic flat spray nozzle

EJX series    Ejector nozzle for solution agitation to prevent deposition



  • Reduced maintenance time and cost
  • Less downtime
  • More effective and even washing with uniform distribution and higher impact
  • Saving cost by decreasing the use of demineralized water (less water wastage)
  • Reduce car body defects by preventing particle deposition by 90% (from 10 to 1 particle in E-Coat bath)

Advantages of high-quality nozzles

  • INVV series and QB series nozzles: Easy to install, adjust and quickly detachable; “One touch”.
  • MOMOJet® series nozzles: Simplified maintenance due to its self-cleaning system.
  • VVEA series nozzles: Semi-fine atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 20 µm ~ 400 µm. Improved washing capability with a significant reduction of demineralized water.
  • EJX series nozzles: Simple, effective structure, and lightweight design.



Car Body washing


  • INVV / QB series nozzles: pre-treatment for painting, water rinsing process, cleaning, etching, stripping, chemical treatment, for periodic maintenance
  • MOMOJet® series nozzles:  cleaning, cooling, foam breaking for waste water treatment
  • VVEA series nozzles: cleaning
  • EJX series nozzles: solution agitation, preventing deposition, uniformizing concentration and pH, cleaning in liquids, submerged etching, plating
  • Other applications: cleaning, indoor cooling

high-quality nozzles

EJX series nozzles in pre-treatment bath