June 3, 2019

The electric vehicles market is booming ! How can we help?


How to benefit from the growth of Electric Vehicles in the automotive market?

Millions of euros are going to be invested in electric vehicles and self-driving cars with advanced technologies. The automotive market is facing a fast growing trend and many car manufacturers are taking the opportunity to increase their productivity. To offer more electric cars on the market, not only car bodies will multiplies, but also all the electronic components needed and batteries. In order for car manufacturers’ suppliers to fulfill the demand of batteries and electronic components, they will need to become more efficient and productive, while controlling their costs.

This is where we can help you with your manufacturing process by reducing the defect rate, maintaining a proper humidity level, and increasing your productivity!

What is our solution?

As “The Fog Engineers”, our goal is to find suitable solution to our customers through the usage of our fogging equipment and spraying nozzles.

We manufacture the nozzles in our factories in Japan and always check the quality of our products before delivery.

To help suppliers of electronic components for car manufacturers, we have several area of expertise, knowledge and experience that we can put input application:

What would be your benefit?

With the market for electric vehicles booming, more and more batteries and electronic components will be needed. More advanced technologies will be developed and it will be the start of a race to keep up the productivity, increase efficiency while saving cost!

By using a fogging unit and spray nozzles to increase humidity, suppress dust, prevent electric static discharge or simply to wash PCB boards, quality is what you need in order to maintain your end products’ high performance.

That is why at IKEUCHI we guarantee the performance of our spray nozzle in terms of spray capacities and angles. And we offer engineering advice to solve your specific problem.

We can help you to:

  • Increase productivity by facilitating the production’s speed;
  • Stabilize the quality of your product quality by controlling the product’s end result;
  • Reduce defect rate and repairs by suppressing airborne contamination, dust adhesion and by maintaining the proper humidity level;
  • Control costs (less repairs = less manpower used, cost reduction with a lower consumption of electricity);
  • Improve the ambient of the working environment (less workers getting sick).

Our Sales Engineers can help you assess your requirements by analyzing your factory. Tell us your problem and we will help you to find a suitable solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!