Spray Nozzles for the Wet process

pcb etching


Issues with cheap production spray nozzles

What happen during the wet process with lower quality nozzles?

  • Nozzles with disparate spray capacity
  • Uneven spray impact for precision cleaning
  • Low washing ability
  • Difficulties to design an effective layout

Solution: Surface treatment and cleaning application with our high quality nozzles

During the wet process, each step has a specific need for which we can provide the most adapted nozzles. From improving the cleaning capacity, the etching capacity, to saving the chemical liquid amount and rinsing water amount, we analyze existing cleanings tools and current process.  

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Example of Systems / Products used for this solution


Polishing process

Spray nozzles with outstanding wear-resistance:


Developing process

Spray nozzles for precision developing:


Etching process

Spray nozzles for high-efficient fine etching and easy maintenance:


Stripping process

Spray nozzles for highly chemical-resistance:

stripping process

Cleaning / Rinsing process

Spray nozzles for precision cleaning:

cleaning process

Air blow-off drying process

Air blow-off nozzles:

air blow-off drying process



  • Productivity increased 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Saving chemical liquid amount 
  • Saving water amount

Advantages of this solution

  • Guarantee of performance on our nozzles
  • Productivity increased due to high quality spray (spray capacity, spray angle, and spray impact) nozzles
  • Other application: cleaning

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