Paper and Pulp

Wire and felt process


The transition to paper manufacturing through the wire and felt process

The head box is at the beginning of the paper machine where the pulp solution is injected at a high pressure between the space of 2 continuously rotating wires.  These wires carry the pulp into the gap former, to rapidly drain the water excess from the pulp. Furthermore, the pulp is immobilized during this process turning it into a continuous paper web. At this point, the paper is wet and fragile however it exhibits paper properties.  The delicate web of paper is further carried into the press section with the assistance of looped wet felts. The felts also carry along water to prevent the sheets of paper from tearing apart.

The next step is the shoe roller, where the paper is forced to enter between the soft rotating roller and the hydraulically actuated metal pad. This type of pressure ensures that the water is drained or squeezed out of the paper. The drained water is absorbed and carried away by the wet felts. This part is also called the wire and felt process.


Spray Nozzles and Tank Cleaners solutions

The wire and felt part is composed of various industrial processes which the pulp undergoes to be transformed into paper.

For the headbox, it is recommended to install a nozzle that assists with anti-foaming. The suitable nozzle for this process is AJP-PPS series. This nozzle provides the necessary aid to remove the foam produced due to the chemical processes from transforming the pulp into paper.






AJP series

To maintain the headbox and chest clean from chemical and other residues, IKEUCHI provides the following tank cleaning solution:



To remove the particles that remain from framing the paper into a particular shape, it is necessary to install nozzles that are washing the no-deckle board. For this process the YYP series is recommended.

As the pulp goes through the transformational process of changing into paper, the pulp requires a controlled quantity of constant wetting. The K or J series are both optimal to be implemented for this task.

To remove the impurities and foreign particles that become attached to the dandy roll, wire, and felt, a powerful jet nozzle is suitable. The following nozzles can be added to this cleaning process:




The CRP series effective water recycling nozzles for shower pipes and headers for the paper manufacturing machines. Being fabricated from high purity Alumina, the orifice provides a high spraying precision. Moreover, the tip has a great wear resistance. As the nozzles are durable for a longer life-span, this provides a higher return on investment as it is not necessary to stop the machine for maintenance.





MOMOJet series recycles the water for shower pipes and headers at wire and felt parts for paper manufacturing machines. To purge the foreign particles it is only necessary to reduce the water pressure and then the nozzle tip is retracts, cleaning the nozzles. To restore the spraying, you only have to increase the water pressure to the normal standard.

This nozzle can can also be implemented in a multiple-nozzle arrangement.


The doctor knife or blade ensures the cleanliness of the paper roll or cylinder. For the thorough cleaning of the doctor blade the VP series can be implemented.

As the paper web is transported through the paper mill, the washing rolls should be constantly cleaned so that they do not transfer particles that can affect the paper. The CVVP series can be implemented to support with the cleansing of the washing rolls.

Trimming is the last process from the wire and felt part. These nozzles have a long clear stream thanks to their precise alumina ceramic orifice. They have a high precision which provide an accurate sharpness. Because of their sharpness, the paper dust spatters and nozzle clogging are reduced. The use of a high purity ceramic tip maintains a stable performance over a long period of time. The following series are recommended for this section:


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